Toosie Roll

Our story is one of many who have loved and had the best furry baby anyone could. Her Name was Tootsie Roll. She was our heart and soul for one month shy of 11 years. We drove her 13 hours to our home in the mountains because we didn\’t want her to fly in the baggage dept. She would dance down the street in her regal way with her leash in her mouth…all the neighbors would come out and hug her. Unfortunately she left us after we discovered she had a degenerative spinal disease. After a year, when her legs gave out in back, we carried all of her 85 lbs using a tummy sling…and a special cart. We even bought a golf cart so she could see the neighborhood, as she was so used to walking twice a day to see everyone. She is still with us in spirit and gave us so much! Miss you toots! Thank God for dogs!

— Sue from Newport Coast, CA