Smokey & Luna

We adopted Smokey the cat over a year ago from the local pet shelter. The day we went in looking for a new cat I almost walked right on passed her, but she reached her paw out of her cage and grabbed my sweater and started meowing. I picked her up and she started licking me and purring, so I had to have her.

Smokey is now a very fat, happy cat who enjoys chasing our Great Dane, Luna. She is a Great Dane and still less than a year old. She is so big now that we had to buy a second couch for her to sleep on, and she takes up the entire thing when sleeping.

She is afraid of the rain and any large amount of water, but loves to run in puddles. Luna is also afraid of our cat, who often chases her out of a room. She is a complete sweetheart.

— Laura from Tulelake, CA