Sadie & Missy

Our two rescue dogs came into our life on two separate road trips.  We found Sadie on a country road during a day trip to the Reagan Library!  She was covered in cow manure, and didn’t move as we drove by her.  I told my husband we had to stop. We scooped her out of harms way, took her back to our house, gave her food and water, then off the the Reagan Library.  She was pregnant, which we didn’t know at the time, and had 5 beautiful puppies 8 weeks after we rescued her.  We found homes for all the pups!  The next summer, while coming back from the midwest, we stopped at a small market in Arizona, and a sweet little doe-faced dog was laying at the entrance of the market, thin as a rail, and starving.  I looked at my husband again, and you know the rest.  We snuck the pup into the Comfort Inn that night, took her home to California the next day, and Missy has been a blessing ever since.  I believe that we were suppose to find these angels, because they have done so much for us.  They love the dog beach here in California, and our neighborhood dog park.  It doesn’t get much better than this………

— Martha from Corona, CA