My daughter, Christina fell in love with Miley, a pomapoo, the second she set eyes on her. We thought that a puppy might be just the answer for our 16 year old to gain responsibility, and fill her heart with the love of taking care of a puppy.

When we brought Miley home, Christina whipped in to action by feeding her, taking her outside, cleaning up after her and just loving Miley.

Unfortunately, Miley got very sick with a bacterial infection within the first days that we had her home. Christina did not give up caring for her. She took part in the Vet Visits, long nights sitting up with her and feeding her by hand and giving her medication prescribed to her by the Vet.

I had called Diane, the owner of Whispering Springs, on numerous occasions to update her on Miley\’s condition. Diane was very knowledgeable and willing to take responsibility of any of our needs in this situation.

The contract is solid, that they offer with any purchase of a puppy, and they offered much emotional support, over and beyond our expectations! They were great with us!

With Diane\’s encouragement, and support, Miley is well and the best thing that has happened to our family! We strongly recommend Whispering Springs to any family looking for a puppy.

— Ralph from Budd Lake, NJ