Growing up, every dog we had that I grew close to, died. So I decided I\’d never get close to another one in my life. In 2004, my parents little dog was killed and my dad grieved alot as Jack was his shadow and buddy.

My sister got him another dog…a terrier mix pup and they named her Brooksie. She was young and loved to be outside, explore, walk. But my folks are old and really couldnt take her out for walks like they wanted to. That became my job when I went down there on weekends.

Somewhere on one of those walks, the bonding began. The folks would tell me she’d look forward to my weekend visits, and I began to look forward to them myself.

What seemed a chore became a pleasure and Brooksie managed to do what no other animal had done in years…broke thru the wall and became my furry friend and companion.

She still lives with my folks…there she has 90 acres to run on and she keeps a good eye on my parents.

But on the weekends and vacations…she’s my girl and my best friend…best friend I ever had…and I will cherish this friendship to my last breath.

— Leonard from Ruther Glen, VA