I am a spaniel lover, have always had them, have lost 5 so far in my life. Have loved them all so very much and remembering them still brings tears to my eyes , no matter how long they have been gone. It always hurts, thank G-d time has made it a bit easier to deal with. My Springer, William is nearly 12 now, suffering with severe arthritis in all 4 legs, the eyes turning grey more and more these days, he sleeps long and heavy now. I miss his playfulness, his expressive nature always kept me on my toes. He can not hear me any longer either. going thru this process is still so hard, even though i have done it many times. Watching his health deteriorate brings the tears more often again. I appreciate this forum and thank you Mark for being able to express the grief. It helps a great deal

— Nancy from Laytonville, CA