Eight years ago, a young beagle dumped in the woods about 2 miles from our home.  She stayed in the same area of the road, hiding in the woods. She was a skeleton, and very skittish.  I started leaving her food, as did some of our neighbors. No one could catch her.  With winter coming on, I decided to get this dog.  It took me three months of going there every day armed with cut-up hot dogs that I tossed to her.  She would run up, snatch the hot dog and run away, then come back and wait for more.,  I called her Walela, which means Hummingbird – she was that fast! After 3 months of this, every day, she sat next to me one day, looked into my eyes and sighed.  I knew she wanted to come with me but didn’t know how.  The next day,  I got a large crate, put it on the side of the road, and put the hot dogs in the crate.  I think she was ready to be captured – she went into the crate and I shut the door.  She was alone in the woods for 5 months.  Today, I can’t imagine what she went through. She still hides when strangers come, but otherwise  is the boss of our other 3 dogs. And she still loves hot dogs, cut up and tossed, please.

— Laura from Burnside, KY