Odin and Chloe

Meet Odin and Chloe My Yellow labs. I received Odin as a Pup just before my surgery for cancer in Dec 2009. He was supposed to be my wife’s dog for protection while I deploy (I am in U.S. Navy). However, due to me being on limited duty after the surgery me and Odin formed a very close bond this dog seems to know what I’m thinking. Chloe on the other had I adopted from another Navy family who was moving to Guam (you know the Island that will tip over because of too many troops LOL). They did not want Her to go through 6 months of quarantine.  To introduce her into Family I used to take them both to Fiesta Island Dog park here In San Diego.   The park is a wonderful resource that under threat of people that want to develop it. Odin and Chloe over the six months time I took taking them to Park every weekend became very close. In fact you could say they became boyfriend and girlfriend. You would no recognize them as a married couple that truly loves each other.

— Michael from San Diego, CA