Max & Drummer

Max and Drummer were both ‘rescued dogs’. Max had been confined to a life of abuse and torment, and until he came to live with us, had spent a majority of his first three years around little kids that kicked and hit on him. The owner openly admitted that Max had been locked in a ‘shoe box’ sized caged much of his 1st three years of life. As wild and tormented as that precise Yorkie was, I knew that in the loving care of a good mommy and daddy, he would come to know love and joy in our home. Shortly after we got Max, we decided to get him a brother. It took three years of prayer to find my wife’s little ‘Drummer Boy’. It was Christmas of ’06, and a friend called to tell us about a gal who raised Dachshunds but had rescued a Yorkie she just couldn’t keep under control (what it is with some people?). We called her to explain that we were Yorkie parents of the highest grade, and would she like to be freed of her burden…Drummer came to live with us the week before Christmas…and what is so unbelievable and remarkable, both Max and Drummer took to each other like long lost brothers. As the attached picture shows, both boys are always neatly groomed, and close together. we have a nice sized back yard for them to run in (a literal forest of scrubs to search, sniff and run among. But their biggest joy, as is ours, is at night when they cuddle up next to mommy and me, to sleep in the security of their loving parents.

— Jack from Buda, TX