Twelve years ago an angel came into the world and into my life!  Jag was the best dog I have ever owned (my mom had a dog kennel).  He was the sweetest kindest dog in the world!  He was so patient with me and loving.  He was calm and reserved.  He was a dog who thought he was human!  He always looked at other dogs like they were mere animals while he was different.  He also hated Obama and always barked at him when he saw Obama on TV!  A very smart dog!  He passed on Monday, August 20th.  Jag was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November and went downhill very quickly over the weekend.  I had just got a new puppy from PA two weeks before.  My new puppy, Teddy, has not went potty in the house, but twice since I got him.  I think Jag house trained him prior to passing as his last gift to us!  I will always remember Jag and miss him greatly!  I have even been sleeping with the pillows he laid on during his last days (I slept on the floor with him during this time).  He was my best friend and will be greatly missed!  The house is so very empty without him!  I know he is in heaven and I will see him again, but until that time life will not be as bright without him!!

— Noelle from Danville, CA