A Very Sad Day.
We had to say good-bye to our old friend Tok (pronounced Toke) this morning. He had cancer and had reached a point where he was noticeably suffering. He went peacefully and was well loved by all.
I’d like to think he’s chasing squirrels in the great beyond right now; tail waggin’ all the way!

R.I.P Tok (Pronounced Toke)

Born in Anchorage Alaska, around 2003 . A Capricorn. Named after a small town up there.
He had a nice family. They were in the service and being deployed to Iraq and thus couldn’t keep him.
He needed a home. He got one with us.
Very well behaved and overtly friendly. Trusted with children was he. In fact he was trained by a professional hired by his first family to protect an autistic child that was prone to wander off. He would block the child (gently) from going out the front door by simply making sure he was between the child and the door. He weighed 110 lbs.!
Turn Ons: Quit evenings with a fresh bone, bringing things back, reminding members of the bird family he was their superior, swimming in ice water, going clamming with George, long walks on the beach and pooping.
Turn Offs: Mailmen, audacious squirrels and rolled up newspapers.
He loved Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits
He was a gentle giant and we will miss him very, very much.
I plan on burying him in the back yard and creating a nice flower bed in his memory.

— George from Kingston, NY