Just don’t want to ever forget the little guy…we’re all so blue right now..
So, I’m happy to find Mark’s spot here to mention our “Teddy” and keep his legacy going…”Teddy” the Pomeranian the neighbors used to call “..the roly poly holy terror, Teddy” ;-G (Tho’ we never understood why?) He was born the month my husband died and we brought him home for daughter Megan (2006) She named him “Skye” or Skylar…which we thought sounded too feminine..so, renamed him after “Theodore Roosevelt”, for his blustery bravado! *Pomeranians are like that!
They have a reputation for thinking they’re a bigger dog than they are…especially in the company of big dogs in the dog park.. Anyway…he developed Diabetes and we had to send him to heaven ahead of all of us to play w/Dad until we get there.  I just wish the vets we had seen had tested for it…sooner when I asked and he’d still be w/us.  Instead we had him on a “diet” and he lost wt so fast then his eyes got so ‘shiny’ and he started bumping into the porch bench when he’d go out..or into the curb on walks….Thirsty all day and nite…peeing every 10minutes…I, being a nurse, kept telling the vet and bringing up my ‘holistic vet book’ by Dr. Stein….feeding Teddy organic chicken and green beans and all the foods (‘real’ foods)he suggested to coax his pancreas back…but all too little too late…He needed insulin and maybe even ICU for a week and I am living on a widow’s mite (?) but, We loved him so much…and he was so loyal and (maybe a little spoiled) I just hope I made the right decision FOR HIM and his little self. Love you Ted…XX

— Susan from Dublin, OH