After I lost my Min Pin Spike to cancer (10/06/2011) I was completely devastated. It is amazing just how attached you become to these little guys especially after fourteen years together. As an over the road truck driver Spike was my full time travel companion. He absolutely loved the road with all its sights, sounds, smells and people. He lived to bark at cows, horses, hay bails, motorcycle riders and construction workers. In his lifetime, Spike traveled to every state in the United States as well as three provinces of Canada. He was born a free spirit and his heart was always in nature. One of his greatest joys in his life was the great outdoors. He was such a happy, enthusiastic friend who loved to explore the different hiking trails we would encounter while on the road and while on family camping trips. Spike accompanied me everywhere and was always by my side, always. Usually, if we were passing you on the road you would see him looking out of his window on the passenger side wondering where we were headed next, or, barking at the aforementioned subjects. He was not needy or very affectionate but he was well mannered, a great listener and the most faithful companion that anyone could ever want. I miss him dearly.

— Stephen from San Antonio, TX