We had to put our beloved Shayna to sleep on 2/29/12 after a brief but valiant fight with cancer. The night Shayna’s vet came to the house to end her suffering, she had 12 of her friends and family with her to say good-bye. We have never felt such pain and loss in our 60 years of living. Shayna was a rescued three-legged Pit Bull who was special to us and many friends. She taught us and so many folks just how special Pit Bulls are, in spite of the bad press they get.

After TWO lonely days and not knowing what she’d say, I asked Susan if she wanted to adopt another “Pitty”. She quickly found a site called Pet-a-Bulls that rescue “bully” type dogs here in New Mexico. Then Susan say a picture of a Pitty that looked similar the Shayna so she sent off an e-mail. Long story short, we adopted Ginger two days later and she has becoming the joy of our hearts. Ginger takes her place with Shayna and we’ve found that as our love for Ginny-Gin-Gin has grown, so has our love for Shayna. We readily admit to a certain prejudice, but we honestly believe our lives have been enhanced beyond words because our “babies” were Pit Bulls.

— Bob, Susan and Ginger from Rio Rancho, NM