I had a wonderful Golden, whom I adopted “for my son’s 18th birthday present”. Of course, he soon went off to college and I had the best dog in the world living in my home with me. I ADORED that dog…..he made me smile or laugh at least a dozen times a day. About 5 years ago I started having health problems & looked forward to going home to Blazer…he greeted me with the love & excitement a dog  owner knows. He knew when to try to cheer me up (by bringing huge numbers of toys in his smiling Golden mouth) as well as curl up with me on the bed by the hour. He even patiently sat by my side when I was napping or sleeping. All he asked for was a nose or ear rub, even when I did so half asleep. That dog was incredibly gentle, NEVER, EVER even growling or lifting his upper lip, as I forced experimental anti-cancer drugs down his throat for 3 weeks. I finally realized that I had to let him go….it was the best thing for him. My son, his girlfriend & I held him as he received “the shot”. That was in March, 2011 and I still cry whenever I think of him…..over a year later!!! I still have my indoor cat living with me but I’m not strong enough to bring another dog into my life (many surgeries & possibly another one this fall).  I’ve euthanized a few other animals over the years but I’m just not getting over this pooch being gone!!  Another dog isn’t possible right now.

— Nancy from Denver, CO