Aurora was my first American Mastiff She and I loved swimming together, especially doing water rescue with me.. She loved making bubbles, while swimming in large circles in the lake and playing with the huge waves in Lake Erie. As most giant breeds, Aurora was extremely gentle, highly intelligent and humorous. Since she was an 9 week old, she would by the handle swirl a large bucket above her head and throw it above her and ketch it, never dropping it. Others laughed at this self taught trick and her humorous style the funny ways she bounced a large  ball  on  a rope. She loved children, other animals and seemed almost human to everyone. From the numerous stories of love and joy two stand out  to be the most memorable. A flock of geese were beckoning Aurora to follow them from the shoreline to nearly the middle of  the lake. She happily followed them not knowing they were leading her away from there nest eggs along the shore. The other story happened at our pioneer festival, when he was 6 month old. A local deer park exhibited a dozen baby animals comprised of rams, a camel and large turtle surrounded by  a wire fence. As Aurora and I approached the baby animals, they left the children feeding them and came to greet her out of curiosity. Aurora came close to the large baby turtle and drew her long tongue through the wire fence and licked the turtle. The turtle so enjoyed my doghter’s kisses that it came closer to her and just remained still allowing Aurora to continue with her luscious doggie kisses. Sadly,wan unknown criminal gave her a bones saturated with antifreeze,which was confirmed by the dog warden and vet. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. She is the first dog I had cremated.

— Maryanne from Youngstown, OH