I am beyond heart broken, once again because of loving one of God’s precious furry creations. I received a phone call this morning. It was a woman who had spent all day yesterday making phone calls and posting on the internet in an attempt to locate me. Finally, this morning, she received a return phone call from the TN Dept of Health with my name and contact information.

This good Samaritan had news for me about our foster baby, Angel. She had found Angel on the side of the road. Angel had been hit by a car. This woman tried to get the local SPCA to pick her up and help locate the owner. She was told that they didn’t do that. They leave the disposal of animals to the prisoner trash duty. So, this woman went back to where she found Angel and because she was too upset to take Angel’s collar off, her son did. She wanted the owner to know what had happened and return the collar and tag.
This in and of itself tore me to pieces. The turmoil was intensified, though, due to a couple of omissions of information that I received – or didn’t receive – from both the animal rescue that provided the transport Angel and her siblings were on and the shelter that they were taken to.

You see, the next day after transport, I called the shelter to be sure they all arrived safely. I was assured that they had. I reminded them that the three were litter mates and if possible, be sure they were kept near each other, as they had never been apart. I was told that they would. That weekend, the shelter posted to their facebook page, photos of the dogs that were on the transport from TN. I saw Scout and Houndini, but no Angel. I was hopeful that she had already been adopted. I waited until after the weekend to call the shelter again to check on each of the pup’s adoption status. I was told Angel had been adopted.

We had found out the evening we took them to the transport that they would be switching vehicles somewhere near the KY/OH state line. Obviously, Angel got away from the transport and the rescue never notified us that she did. So, between the rescue and the shelter, we were deceived and thus, Angel was killed by a car.

I will be eternally grateful to this Samaritan woman who went above and beyond to find me. Because of her diligence, I was able to locate a pet memory center who went and picked up Angel’s body and is taking care of her for us. Angel will be back home with us early next week.

Here is Angel’s life story. This was the letter I had written to her new adopted family:

Hi … my name is Angel. I got that name for two reasons: first, the markings on my shoulder blades and second, because I survived the odds and lived. I can be very verbal, but it is usually when I want my Mom or Dad. I’ve been told I’m part Lab/part Pointer. I am a lovely beige color with caramel color ears, and angel wing-shaped markings on my shoulder blades. I have brown eyes. I was rescued by my foster parents from a kill shelter in a rural community. Had they not stepped in at the last moment, I wouldn’t be here today. They drove 2 hours to pick me up along with 5 other siblings and another stray puppy for a Rescue.

We were about a month old. I remember riding home in a really big box and that first bath. Living in an overcrowded shelter is not the best place to stay fresh and clean. We all enjoyed the sunshine of that fall day and played in the green grass. Something wasn’t right, though. A couple of my sisters weren’t very playful and didn’t want to eat or drink very much. Our foster mom noticed this and the next morning, there was a Dr. who came to visit us. He gave us all some medicine, but Mom separated one of our sisters from us so she could rest. I never saw her again. Whatever happened, Mom was very sad and held us all even closer.

Over the next weeks, we saw the Dr. several times again and during that time, different ones would once again be separated. I was one of the ones separated, but I was able to return to my brother and sister. I knew I was loved so much because every evening, Mom and Dad would take the time to hold each of us and tell us we were loved before they tucked us into bed.

You see, we were to have just been with our foster parents for two weeks. But, once the sponsoring Rescue discovered how sick we were, they couldn’t take us. Ten months and three of us later, we have the hope of a forever home.

During this time, I have enjoyed playing with my brother and sister, both indoors and out. We love tug of war! We eat Iams Proactive Health Mini Chunks twice a day and enjoy our rawhide bones. We also get Milkbone treats!

I have been spayed, am fully vetted and up to date on shots. I take Comfortis for flea prevention and Iverhart for heartworm prevention. I go to the vet to have my nails trimmed and when my folks have to be out of town, I get the full spa treatment at the pet resort.
I’m not fully housetrained, but I am pad trained. With some one on one attention, I should catch on pretty quickly because my foster parents know how smart I am. I enjoy routine and can always anticipate what’s next. When things don’t go quite like I’m used to, I get excited, but, with direction I can figure it out.

I love to gives ‘kisses’ and enjoy spending time with my people. I am used to being indoors and like something soft to sleep on. I am still learning to walk with a lead. Because I do love to jump, a harness works best with the lead. I don’t like getting into it, but, with more experience, it should be a piece of cake!

I’m going to miss the only home I’ve ever known. But, my foster parents have assured me that I am going to be in another home where I can get even more loving attention than they have given to me. Please be patient with me as I make this adjustment and love me as much as I will love you.

— Jill from Cookeville, TN