My Son Peter and his wife have 2 young daughters and a live in a small townhouse here in Leesburg (Exeter). When my youngest granddaughter Jordan was born with multiple heart defects, they had trouble taking care of Roxy, their Beagle/Boxer mix. Unknown to me, they were trying to find her a new home. After discussing their situation with my wife, Linda, we decided to “foster” Roxy until things got better and they would eventually move into a bigger house. I called my daughter-in-Law, Lindsey to ask her if that was OK and she just started crying because they were one day away from bringing her to the Pound. We love Roxy and she is happy here (Potomac Crossing) with us. My older Grand daughter, Leyah, 3 still calls Roxy “Her Puppy” and loves to visit us and play with her. Jordan had heart surgery at Washington Children’s Hospital in late February and is doing great.
— Paul from Leesburg, VA