This is getting tough for me, I had to put a cocker spaniel down earlier this year and now I had to put his good buddy down, Jackson.

We had Jack since he was a little pup but Jackson was picked up from our local vet.

People dropped him off and never came back for him (maybe they lost their home – it was 2009) and … well … we were a little hesitant because aside from Jack we also have five cats (all still with us) and we didn’t know how Jackson would fit in. He fit in just fine!

I’m sure that all of you know the warm feeling of being greeted at the end of a hard day by your loving pet.

The picture that I have in my mind is walking up the driveway and those two faces looking for me through the fence gate. Entering, jack would come to me and rub his head on me and Jackson would do his spin around dance and then come to me to be petted.

I don’t care how tough the day was – it ended at that point.

I only hope and pray that I meet up with these two again. I loved them so much.

— James from Short Hills, NJ