His name was “Dozer”. His heart was just as big as he was. He was my “Big ‘ol Goofy Boy!”
When I came out of the local Mom and Pop grocer, there he was. Giant head, huge paws, deep aqua blue eyes.Would have made Mr Sinatra jealous.  All wrapped by the most deep, almost liquid looking black fur. The most “handsome” puppy I had ever seen. I feel for Him almost instantly. The fact he was the biggest in the litter, running about the back of that old Chevy pickup truck, bowling over any and all sibling pups who dared to stand up to him!
Took him home of course. Upon my arrival and after seeing the puppy, all my wife said was “No!” I just planted my garden and “that thing” will just tear out all my vegetables… Ahhh, I will take care of him. Bonus I will build you a fence around your garden to keep him out. “See Hun,” I say to her. “everybody wins”  “H\’ll make a great guard dog when He is grown!”   Well, she folded after seeing those big blue eyes!

Long story shorter. Dozer grew and grew into a beautiful Black Lab.

I miss him. After losing my job, sorry Mark, I work as a Union Ironworker. Still consider myself a Independent conservative tho :P  Anyway the savings ran out after 10 months and the wife had her hours cut.. I just couldn’t keep him any longer. Dozer and my 15 year old son were eating me outta house and home. :(

So, it was with a very heavy heart that I had to find Dozer somewhere else to live his life. Away from me and his really new adopted family. Had Dozer for a brief 17 months. It was hard emotionally and mentally. I Had to find Dozer the perfect Home… It took me 3 weeks to pick the right place. A local family up here where I stay in the lower mountains in Fresno county.

They had 4 kids. Ages 5 to12 years old. Dozer took to them like a over protective mother hen. I gave the Father Dozer favorite tug rope and His BIG ol dinner bowl. Shook the mans hand. Thanked him for the great home for Dozer, I turned and walked away…

Last time I saw my “Big ‘ol Goofy Boy!!”

— Ronald from Auberry, CA