At 8:30pm 07/22/2012 my 14 year companion passed away. He wasn’t a pure bred but to me he was my best friend, He always listened to me and never complained about my complaining. He and I shared a look into one another’s eyes today and I knew he was telling me this was to be his last day on earth. I could read it in his eyes.  I took his head in my hands and I told him, ” Buddy I love and I always will.” That was about 1pm. My buddy came into the house, after lounging on the back deck most of the day. He laid down and the he just stopped breathing. I just had to express my thoughts to some one would understand the pain. I know it has to be but it doesn’t take away the pain. I am kind of sorry to lay this on you but I just need to get it out.He was just an old boy and his time was due. I know God calls the shots but the pain still stings me through. Thanks for the shoulder Mr. Levin. God bless us all we need it. If I can find a picture of my Tekki I will post it. But the venting is what helps me cope with this loss.

— John from Swansea, MA