I had 4 loved cats-3 from the alley. We don’t have children. When I found Reagan who had been dumped in my alley-I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to own a dog. That seemed like a lot of work and an inconvenience.

She was dumped in my alley on a saturday later afternoon with another dog who barked constantly. Ten blocks north of Obummers house.  I kept driving by the house where her carrier was. Animal Control had picked up that white dog but Reagan kept eluding the animal control. I started feeding her cat food. She would not move from that back porch of the house where she was dumped. She was maybe waiting for someone to come and save her. Or the owner who did not appreciate her.

She was also shy or badly treated and kept hiding every time I’d pull up in my car and would cower when you would try to pet her. But she was not food aggressive.  I’d see her on that back porch..she was dark and that helped save her. I’d put out cat food because I feed this cat in back called Orange cat who is is HIV+. Finally after a busy week at work I got a break and it had just rained that morning. I said, Okay God, let me got see if this dog is out there. If she still is I will take her and help her find a home.

To make a long story short, she came with me happily after she came to trust me . Reagan is part pit and a terrier-a mix. 21 lbs of gentle joy. She has changed our lives for the better. She has given us so much job, laughter and has taught us so much about love. She is about 11 months now.

We were very depressed b/c we got stuck in a property in a neighborhood that used to be decent but went downhill quickly after Obama got into office. Reagan got both of us out of our funk. The daily walks, the travel in the car, the exercise and fresh air.

We trained her on Don Sullivan’s dog training,  and it’s helped her to be a calm, well mannered dog that people notice her manners and compliment us everywhere we take her.

Being a strict cat person, I never wanted a dog. As an interior designer I’ve seen so many poorly behaved dog where owners don’t take the time to raise them with manners. I can say that if you have the time for a dog-it is very rewarding-in a different way then with the cats. Training is key to full enjoyment of dogs and the key to having 4 cats and  dog is ZONES. Everything is calm and at peace here in our house. So I’m telling you it’s totally possible.

She also motivated us to get our butts going and to sell our condo and get aggressive with organizing our next home. Now we are moving away from Chicago to the suburbs and are shopping houses with a fence. I don’t want her in this violent neighborhood.

— Candice from Chicago IL