This week will be 1 year since we lost our  Meiscka, to a UTI seemed to last forever that developed into full blown kidney failure in 6 months . For me it was extremely hard as I bought her as a puppy for my wife almost 10 years prior and she was a doll , her attitude and demeanor was always the talk when company came to visit , and as our family grew with grandchildren, Meme as we started to call her  and my Grandson adored was a full blown family member. But as one misdiagnosis to another worn on we knew there was something wrong with our baby. It was last year memorial day weekend that we enjoyed what was soon her last days, I got a phone call at work that Tuesday that she had taken a turn to the worst. The weather was typical WA weather. But she made her way outside and laid down and just would not get up…The Vet contacted us and told us she had gone into full blown Kidney failure ( based on her Blood results). As hard as it was we could not watch her just go in agony. But our Vet who correctly diagnosed her issues did a fantastic job allowing us as a family to bond with her one last time, we where allow  to bring our whole family to the vet as they did what they could to comfort her, in her final moments here with us…we sat with her as they injected her and put her to sleep that final time..My eyes welled up as they are now as she took her final breath… Boy did that hurt ,, as it still does..but her memories will always live on with us,,,My Grandson still talked about our Fuzzzy White Dog…MeMe we love you and miss you…

— Bremerton, WA