John Doe

We are dog lovers, and just lost our “baby”. His name was John Doe. We took him in almost 2 years ago, he was dropped off in a rural area, where we live, abused and malnutritioned and we adopted him. Having 3 dogs already, I told my fiance that would we care for him until we found him a good home. I told her do not bring that dog into the house, because I knew what that meant, but she did any ways. When her friend at work was willing to take him, I just couldn’t let him go, so 4 dogs now.

He lived a good life, was spunky and a lover. His brothers loved him, and they’re getting old …

John Doe liked to chase/race vehicles, we tried to train him not to, to no avail. But today, he ran underneath my truck and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop. End of story, still grieving for my pup! The attached pic is John Doe years ago after we adopted him, along side his big brother Miko. This is my sad sorry, I really miss him.

God Bless from a dog/animal lover

— William from Belgrade, NE