I have a farm with alpacas, horses, donkeys and duck of course dogs and cats.

Today was a sad day we had to help our horse breezy go home after being with us for 20 of her 32 years.

She help handicapped kids ride for the first time, won ribbons for barrel racing and taught me a special kind of love.

After we put her down her buddies all spoke up going to calm trigger an Arabian horse her closets friend I saw tears running down his face. He was upset to the point the vet gave him a shot to calm him it did little.

We were bringing our 3 alpacas back to the barn all had to pass breezy\’s body. They all stopped a moment as to say goodbye and proceeded into the barn. In the barn Trigger still upset went nose to nose with the 3 alpacas after a few seconds trigger let out a winnie simba our donkey let out a bray and both had tears streaming down there face. Then they all calmed and quietly
walked out to graze.

Breezy’s passing was no surprise her failing health caused her to isolate her from the rest of our group this was self imposed as she could go where she pleased she was the alpha horse of the group.

If anyone things animals have no feelings, there nothing but feelings.

— Rick from Newark, IL