Angel was a Rottweiler and Lab mix we called our “RottenLab”. She was our baby. We got Angel when I was 23 and my husband, Joe, was 25. Now we are nearly 40. I feel like we all “grew up” together. Angel just recently had her birthday on April 3rd, and turned 14 years old. Being a large dog and having had so many different medical issues throughout her life I know we are very blessed to have had her for so long. She passed away on 4/29/12 at 2:41am.
Angel was diagnosed with a tumor on her spleen back in August and at that time the doctor gave her just a few weeks to live. Well, as usual, Angel beat those odds. Not only did she live an additional 7 months, but she lived them with vigor. Angel had some serious medical conditions throughout her life but she never let them hold her back. Thanks to the excellent medical care of Dr. Dewitt at Club Hill Animal Clinic, Angel was able to beat Parvo at 9 weeks old (she had it when she came to us), a severe uterine infection at age 6, and breast cancer at age 7. We love taking our dogs on vacations with us and Angel always had a good time. We took her to many NASCAR race weekends at Texas Motor Speedway. She loved that. Except for the blimp, she hated the Goodyear blimp and would just bark and bark at it. We take an annual trip to east Texas and Angel always had a good time. She loved running up and down the lake shoreline trying to “catch” the waves. And back in 2009 we took her to Colorado with us. It was so much fun to watch her discover deep snow and how much fun you can have in it. I am so thankful we took her on so many adventures with us. Because of that I must have a thousand pictures of her. Angel loved life and she lived it to the fullest up until the day she died. Now it is the little things that make me break down in tears. Angel loved to chase the laser beam and knew exactly what drawer the laser was kept and she constantly went to it telling us it is time to play. Now I can hardly bear to open that drawer. She also knew that aluminum foil would shine too if the light hit it just right. She would come running into the room if she heard me using foil. I used foil last night and when she did not come running I burst into tears. There are so many other little things just like that. We love her and we always will. Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

— Dawna from Rowlett, TX