It was with heavy heart that we said goodbye to our beloved Alexander last week (he’s the big boxer in the photo, laying with his “little brother” and constant companion, Lincoln).  Xander was diagnosed with inoperable paranasal sinus cancer in November and given only three months to live; Xander, the ever stubborn one, went on to live six months instead.  When the time comes for me to face my own demise, I hope I can do it with even half the courage, dignity and humor (yes, if you knew Xander you would understand a dog can have a sense of humor) that he showed these last few months.  He leaves a huge hole in our family; I can honestly say that I’m a better person for having him in my life.  Mark, thank you for your books, your radio show and for this website where we pet lovers can share in our grief and memories of our lost friends.  It helps a very difficult time be just a little bit better.

— Michael from Huntsville, AL