Our dearest friend Pauli the dog died on Nov. 30th of 2011. He was 17 years, 1 month and 22 days old.

He ate his Thanksgiving dinner, and then went for a walk even though he hadn’t been feeling well.  He seemed very happy.  He didn’t eat anymore food after that, and only drank a little water.   We had had Pauli since he was 6 weeks old.  He was like a second son to us.  Our son who now has been in the Army for 13 years used to run with Pauli as he trained. And my husband took our dog everywhere with him. Our dog loved everyone and he loved other dogs and cats as well.  After Paul died we were devistated.  My husband who has been a pastor for over 30 years was having a hard time without his friend.  Paul died on the first Sunday of Advent.  On the 12th day of Christmas on January 13th (Sat.) I went into the living room and heard the sound of our dog Pauli thumping his tail on the floor 7 times just like he always did in the place he always sat.  I heard it 3 times, I ran out to tell my husband.  He had been in the living room a few minutes earlier and had heard the same thing with our dog thumping his happy tail 7 times on the floor.  It brought total peace and comfort to us.  We knew that the Lord had allowed Pauli the time to come by and say goodbye to us.  He was happy, and we know we will see him again some day in heaven.  Since that time though we miss him a lot, we don’t feel the loss in the same way.  Also the vet that took care of him from the beginning had a heart attack and finally made it back the last year of Pauli’s life.  He said it was people and pets like Pauli that brought him back to health. Just wanted to share this.

— Margie from Portland, OR