Mark, I’ve read your book many times and then passed it onto my mom to read. I read it again last night and broke my heart. One sentence said it all “I bought him home” That’s how I felt when I held the box containing my boy Max’s ashes nearly 3 years ago. He lived to a great age for a German Shepherd, 13 but I couldn’t see him suffer any longer. I still live with the guilt about making the decision to end his beautiful life and the fear he had in his eyes. I too examined every part of him, his beautiful big ears, his poorly hind legs, his paws to make sure I never forgot what they felt like. I mixed his ashes with some of my dad’s and they have pride of place in my living room. I just wish I could have done the same for the dog I had before Max. He was “Big Max” another German Shepherd, a Crufts winning descendent who was killed when he was just 2 1/2. He was just so big,gentle and beautiful. The kids used to take a detour so they could come and fuss him. Of course he lapped it up! These 2 amazing souls bought so much unconditional love, happiness, comfort and wisdom to me and I was so  blessed to be “chosen” by them. One day I hope to be chosen again, a little old doggy who needs some love and cuddles before he  goes to good old doggy heaven! Thank you so much Mark for sharing your story and you will never know how many people you’ve helped. God Bless all the dogs who are just waiting for their “Forever Homes”

— Rae from West Midlands, UK