My beautiful beloved Dalli, a stunning 12 yr old Border Collie died today, on my 51st birthday. He had sinus tumors that I thought I could beat with Homeopathy and husband and I were just talking last night about how Dalli looked much stronger than the previous months. He was diagnosed in Oct, and I have been crying almost everyday since, but tried to have hope, think + thoughts and pray so hard so often, for a miracle. I just wanted 1 measly miracle in my life.
Today I woke up and he jumped on my bed to say good morning and started seizing. The seizures didn’t stop for a couple hours until a vet arrived at our house to put Dalli down. It was the most horrible moment of my life. I put my face close to his, to breathe in his last breaths and have him breathe in mine. Ironic, but Dalli hadnt “kissed” me for months, I don’t know why, he was being a stinker, but he kissed me this morning early. It was a beautiful gift. Our hearts are broken beyond words now. My grief is so deep. I cant go in my bedroom where his bed is. My husband and I made a promise to each other that we would never let a human hand take his life, but we did. I feel so awful, and no matter what anyone says, all the cliche’s: He’s in a better place”, “You’ll see him again someday”, “you did the right thing”, etc…I cant believe any of it. Nothing makes me feel better. I never wanted to be without him, and for the past decade, there were times that I heard a sad song and would cry thinking about having to face this day,  I don’t know how people can do this owning dogs over and over again.  Well Mark, I just wanted to post a tribute to my precious Border Collie Dalli, the most wonderful and perfect dog that ever graced this planet. He never did anything wrong and was so easy to own. I loved him more than any living creature on earth, even more than my parents or husband, and he was taken from me. But he will never be taken from my heart or mind. I asked him to be the 1st face I see when I pass into the light someday.I can only hope and pray that it is true that we see them again. So devastated….

— Alli from Nampa, ID