Our beloved Buddy had to be put out of his misery this past Sunday April 29, 2012. A tragic accident on such a beautiful sunny day after  playtime at the park. My wife and I packed  our 3 dogs in my truck and off happily towards home when Buddy decided to leap out the passenger window. My frantic wife was too late to grab and I wasn’t driving very fast at all but I felt my rear tire crush his little body. It was a HORRIFIC experience. My poor baby screaming. He eventually calmed down and we rushed him to our vet and you know the rest. We are extremely safety conscience and always restrain our dogs and roll up windows but that day we both slipped up and are extremely heart broken and full of grief. We would appreciate your prayers to get us through our loss and guilt. The ironic thing is we rescued Buddy in October of 2011 after being run over 3 times. He was such a BLESSING to our lives. To see the transformation from fearful, unsociable dog to a caring and loving companion was something to see. I was looking forward to the future of many years with my Buddy. He truly loved us and appreciated the simple things like a warm bed, a hug, treats, or a stroke of his head when napping. The pain is unbearable but I hold on to God’s loving Word that He will make ALL THINGS new in heaven. Thank you Mark for giving your dog loving patriots an opportunity to grieve and express their thoughts and share to maybe help others. God Bless you always and all of you who have had a similar experience…

— Mario from Rancho Cucamonga, CA