Beary, my Welch Terrier who was a big part of my life for 13 years died yesterday. When I first brought him to my Vet when he was 5 months old, on his paper under “distinguishing  features,” they put “very cute.”   He was a “people dog” who loved everyone, and was even excited when we went to his Vet, and was always glad to see  him!  Every morning, he reminded me it was time for our morning walk, his favorite time of the day, and was always excited, wagging his tail, when he saw someone and took time for a little visit with everyone he met.  The last couple of weeks, as he began to slow down, our walks became a little slower, and finally, I carried him home on the way back.  When I took him to his Vet yesterday morning to be checked again, he called an hour later and said there were major problems and readings were low for heart, etc.  A half hour later, he called and said “Beary is dying.”  I said I’d be right over, and when I got there 5 minutes later, he said Beary had died, but they brought him back, so I could have some time with him.  I told him how much I loved him and what a good doggie he was, and kept petting him and talking to him until the end.  I will always be so grateful to our wonderful vet for making sure I got the chance to say goodbye to my sweet Beary.
I also have two Yorkies, and they always knew that Beary was the #1 dog in our home.  They are missing Beary too.  Right now, every time I look at one of his favorite places, or friends call to say they are sorry for my loss, the tears start.  Beary will always be a part of me, and I still talk to him.  I’m not into digital cameras yet, so can’t send a picture of my beautiful little friend who I love so much…

— Barbara from Reno, NV