Meet Tootse (tuhtz): Tootse is a female chocolate Labrador Retriever. I get great joy out of developing Labs that others might pass over when choosing a water dog.  Often candidates like Tootse will wash out at a training kennel and be deemed useless in field trial events. My experience tells me though they may not progress as rapidly as other Labradors, they can become excellent companions. Usually, these “culls” will have one or two strong suits. In the case of Tootse, she will stop on a dime using verbal, whistle or hand commands and she obeys the “come” or “here” command like a robot. This young lady is my second Lab that was considered a “reject” by conventional wisdom. I urge anyone reading this to look twice when considering a pup from a breeder. Yes it will take more time and a lot more patience but you may end up saving the dog from the pound and gain a great friend in the process. I know I am glad no one gave up on me as a child.

— Andy from Frisco, TX