Unconditional Love

I laid to rest a friend today
My friend with floppy ears.
A friend that took me for what I was
For sixteen doggy years.
No questions asked, it’s you and me
In fair or stormy weather
And whatever happens day by day
It’s you and me together.
Food and water was all she asked
And a head pat once in a while
And she would give me a waggy tail
To bring on a pleasing smile.

I hope I’ve learned what my furry friend
Has shown me through the years.
Hope and faith and friendship,
A friendship that endears.
My friend walks with me even now
The shadow at my heel.
And me and God and my friend know
Just how the Hell I feel!
We’ll meet again my friend and I
When He rings the bell for me,
But till then I will remember
The joy she shared with me.

— Pete from Morristown, AZ