Our beautiful blue-eyed boy’s name is Tigger, and he is a 12 year old Husky Lab mix.  My husband got this beautiful puppy for his children when they were much younger, so he has been in the family for many years.  As the children grew up and went out on their own, Tigger came to live with us.  None of us can describe the infinite love we have for our sweet Tigger.  He is not only loyal to all of us and so dedicated to his family, but he loves us all so much (as we do him)!  When we come home after being out for the day, or even being gone for just a little while, it is like we have been gone for a very lengthy time with the amazing welcome that we receive!  Also, we are convinced he smiles!!!  He makes the best facial expression and he exudes pure love…it’s like he is saying…Hi, I am so glad you are home, I missed you so much and I love you!

Our Tigger is so very important in our lives, and he is loved and appreciated more than words can say!

— Julia from Jacksonville, FL