Dogs are the best!  I like my dogs more then some people I have met in my lifetime.  This past Saturday (4/15/12), we added to our 4-legged companion rescue/adoptions with a 4 month old Chesapeake Bay/lab mix we named Sport.  He joins his older “brother”, Cody, another rescue we adopted from our local no kill  shelter, Calvert Animal Welfare League and all volunteer non-profit rescue and adoption group in southern Maryland.  Cody was horribly physically abused and we have nurtured him back to a happy dog.  We thought he would like a dog companion, even though he has 3 cat friends, one we found at 4 weeks old on a highway ramp that had been thrown out of a car.  Sport is a vivacious, confident and gorgeous boy.  He loves all his new furry companions.  He is very busy these days with so many new smells to sniff and he likes cats too.  We’ve only had him 4 days, and we only saw his picture on Petfinders, but we know he is going to be another phenomenal furry friend.  I can not emphasize enough how important it is to adopt and to support your local animal rescue.  Rescues make the best companions.  They greatly appreciate the second chance of a loving, good family.

— Vikki from Friendship, MD