Smokey was my cat, not I should write anything here.  But….I essentially rescued Smokey who was about 1 year old grey tabby cat who was no longer wanted by her owner.  Odds of being allergic to her where high, my father and brothers are deathly allergic to cats.  I soon found out, I too was deathly allergic.  None the less, I took her in and we became great friends.  Smokey wasn’t too social, until she decided it was ok.  Smokey didn’t like my reading the newspaper or a book, loved being outside and occasionally would drop off a gift for me at my back door.  Sadly I had to put her down last summer and miss her abundantly!  I miss her greeting me at the back door when I come home from work and her lying at the end of the bed at the end of the day.  Pets bring us so much joy and they love so unconditionally.  Thanks for letting me share about my cat.  Miss her much.

— Regina from Twinsburg, OH