Scarlett is a gorgeous bluetick coonhound. She was stuck, very scared, in a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue brought Scarlett to the DC area and she quickly entered into an adoptive home. The adopters found masses on her body. A trip to the vet revealed probable cancer and the masses were removed.

A very generous second adopter stepped into the picture and brought Scarlett to her home despite the very real risk that she was dying. Despite the discovery of late stage cancer, they agreed to keep and LOVE Scarlett as she lives through her remaining time — thought to be not very long.

Scarlett is still hanging in there, but she has had to change homes yet AGAIN. Despite working with numerous canine behaviorists and trying everything under the sun, Scarlett has been unable to overcome her fear of men (and her primary caregiver in her adoptive family had been a man.) Who knows what this poor girl has been through, but we are trying our best to make her remaining time comfortable (both physically and psychologically/emotionally.) Scarlett is now in a female only foster home, where she can relax and not face the constant stress of being afraid all the time.

Lucky Dog is so thankful for the adopter’s (and now new foster’s) offer of a respite home for Scarlett. What they are doing is truly a gift to Scarlett.

— Vicki from Rockville, MD