My name is Kylie and I am 9 years old. I live in Florida. I had a dog named Samson.  He was a mix of German Shepherd, Doberman, and Grey Hound..He was the best dog ever. Whenever there was a snake in the yard or close by he would alert us so that we would know to be aware and careful. One bright blue morning as we walked outside to get him, he did not seem well. We loaded him into the car and took him to the vet. He could not walk or stand up so we had to carry him into the vet’s office. The vet told us what was wrong. There were too many things going on inside his body not even the richest person could save him.We sat with him for at least 3 hours sobbing our eyes out. Finally we had to leave and not even 5 minutes later we got a call saying he went into cardiac arrest. the doctors tried to save him…but it was to late she picked up the phone and said”we are sorry but Sampson is gone”. i was sobbing . he was the one who brought us our chocolate lab buddy i will never forget him i still cry in school

— Kylie from Panama, FL