Merlin and Daisy

I lost my precious tiny toy poodle Merlin just a few weeks ago.  He was 14 years old..  Even though I have 3 other dogs the house seemed so empty without him.  I stopped at the local animal shelter on other business.  I couldn’t resist checking out the dogs for adoption and this little girl looked up at me and wagged her stubby little tail.  Her name was Daisy.  I’d adopted another shelter dog 20 years ago—a Jack Russell named Daisy.  It seemed like a sign.  I didn’t want to adopt her on the rebound so to speak because I missed Merlin so much so I wend home and thought about it for a couple days.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her there. Her owners turned her in because they were moving. After 8 years, goodbye little dog!  She was in no danger as our local shelter doesn’t euthanize healthy adoptable dogs—even older ones.

She looked like she wanted to come home with me.  My other dogs are about the same age and they seemed to accept her.  Daisy didn’t take Merlin’s place.  I still miss him so much, but helping Daisy makes it hurt a little less.

— Christine from Silver Lake, NY