Max passed away Monday, April 16th 2012.  He was 13 years old.  I adopted him when he was 1 from a shelter in Gainesville, FL.  He stuck his head out of the kennel he was in and I immediately knew I wanted to take him home.  He slept on the foot of my bed every single night.  He loved to walk, ride in my truck, and play with his friends at the dog park.  We moved to Wisconsin in 2006 where he spent the rest of his life.  Both knee ligaments were replaced 4 years ago. He loved to play in the snow but didn’t care much for water. In his senior years he enjoyed laying in the yard, helping in the garden, and looking for squirrels in the trees. Max wasn’t eating much and having trouble walking his last few days.  We went to the vet and it was a tumor.  He was in some discomfort and the vet said it was going to get worse.  Judging by his blood test he only had a few days left.  I would not allow him to live with any pain and decided it was time to let him go. I laid on the floor next to him at the vets office and he died in my arms. I love him so much and miss him greatly.  He is my best friend and the best dog a man could ask for.  I feel truly blessed to have been a part of his life.  Thank you Mark Levin for all you do for shelter pets.  Thank you for having a place where we can come and share a bit about our story together, and thank you for giving us a place to read about the stories of others.  Goodbye Maxie boy, daddy loves you, and someday we will be together again.

— Max from Maupun, WI