This is JoJo.  I found him homeless and wandering the streets in a neighboring town about 4 months ago.  He had to have a couple of benign masses removed early on, had arthritis in his spine, and had loss considerable muscle mass, but seemed reasonable healthy, given all things considered.  When it turned really cold he had difficulty walking soI had to carry him up and down the steps twice a day so he could use the bathroom.  I thought if I just got him through the winter, he could have a good summer.  However, he developed tumors in his belly and throat.  Last night he stopped eating, this morning he could barely walk.  So, after consulting with our  vet and considering his age and the pain he was suffering, I let him go.  Its amazing how much he touched my life in just four months.  I’m going to miss him greatly.

— Dianne from Eva, AL