Gizmo, or Gizzie as we have come to call him, was a gift from my sister and I to my Mom when whe was Dxd with cancer.  He is a purebred shih-tzu we got from a family who had bred their two shihtzus for the first time.  What a joy he brought to her! Unfortunately, her surgery left her unable to play and train with him, so my hubby and I who live next door, took that job over. He trained very well, but his favorite part of the day was to get up in Moms lap at the end of the day, curl up in the smallest ball he could and sleep with her.  If she was in too much pain, he sat at her feet fully ready to investigate anyone coming near her:) He was a 9lb guard dog of sorts!  Sadly, my Mom passed suddenly in Sept, after a sleepover with my son, Jack, myself and, of course, Gizzie.  I take comfort knowing her last night on Earth was spent in a family “sleepover” of sorts, with Gizzie curled up right next to Mom.  He lives full time with us now, but with my Dad still next door, he loves to go and visit everyday and I wonder if he is still looking for her…This dog has brought SUCH JOY to us not ONLY when Mom was here, but AFTER – by always giving us a laugh or two when we most needed it.  I just LOVE him!!

— Laura from Quincy, MA