On March 2,2012, we lost our beloved Zoey.  We adopted her 5 years ago from Prayers for paws, a local no-kill adoption group. They had a bunch of the dogs at a local pet store, trying to get them homes.  My wife and kids went in before me.  I found them all petting an older, large, yellow 3 legged dog named Zoey.  Well, they talked me into bringing her home to live with our weiner-dog.  In short order, she became one of the loves of our lives.  My wife called her my girlfriend. Always surprising us with some of her new “tricks”.  My favorite was getting a sandwich off of the table.  Since she only had 3 legs, she couldn’t jump up.  Well, she figured out that if she pulled the table cloth, she could pull the plate with the food on it down to the floor.  I liked that one.  Because of missing a back leg, her back hips were always pivoted so she could walk.  Eventually, the pain got too much for her.  She could not even do her favorite thing in the world, going for a walk.  Taking her to the vet that day was one of the hardest things we ever did. I totally fell apart when, coming home from the vet, I saw that her big water bowl was almost empty, and reached to fill it for her. That’s when it really hit me. My wife and I cried for days afterwards. We know that she is in heaven, chasing cats, and chewing on knobby rawhides waiting for us.  We all love and miss you so much Zoey.  Thank you for being a part of our family.

— Robert and Michelle from Ravenna, OH