About a year ago I adopted a miniature schnauzer, we named Walter, who had been chained to a tree the entire two years of his life.  There he was in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, and heat suffering,barking and longing to run free.  He was finally sold for a case of beer and I adopted him.  I live on over 25 acres and he has not been tied up since.  He runs free and has built up a lot of muscle and gained an independence that is a joy to see.  He loves me and enjoys cuddling in my lap as I watch t.v. but he is happiest running after his friends the barn cats or chasing our other two labs.

You talking on your show persuaded me to get this little guy and I am so happy I did.  It seems like rescued dogs have a true appreciation for the better life they are provided because they know what it is like on “the other side” where things are not always so easy.

— Karla from Millsap, TX