This a story of 1 very special rescue boarder collie named Tippy. Just like Pepsi Tippy would bolt out the door and this dog was a runner he could run for hrs we would get a call from a person 5 miles away 20 min after he got out, now at this point I must say Tippy was abused in some way because when a storm came or Quantico would be practicing or the quarry would be blasting Tippy could chew thru a metal crate we called him Hudinnie his poor little face would be so bloody. It was so sad he was such a smat would fetch balls frisbie,or kids even tossed him big rocks and ran baclk with them. And this whole time my son Dougie fell in love with Tippy he slept in his room and follow him any where Doug went. Tippy was really a mental wreck he would do anything he could to escape when the bombs blasted or thunder even the sound of crickets drove Tippy crazy, one night during a bad storm we forgot to close the doggie door and Tippy got out. The whole family took off in different cars looking for him. He ran like always but this time right for the highway and was hit by a car. We found him on side of the road on the way to emergency vet he died in Dougies arms. We miss him so much.

– Doug from Stafford, VA