We lost our beautiful dog Joplin today and we are heartbroken, he was only 6.   Joplin was the sweetest, gentlest dog, who loved everyone and other dogs too, we had him for 6 wonderful years, those years he changed our lives and made our days complete,   the house feels so empty without him and the loss is unbearable.
He quit eating the last 2 months and we struggled with vets to find out what was wrong, finally we had surgery and he had a thickening of the intestinal walls, making food difficult to go through.  The vet wanted to put him down, but we wanted to give our beautiful Joplin one last chance to live and be with us.
The vet did the surgery, cutting off 8” of his intestine, and it was just too much for Joplin, he died within 24 hours.
We had no good options, he would die if we did nothing for he was not eating, and in pain, putting him down on the operating table was not going to happen so we took a chance and did the surgery.
We pray that he is peaceful now and that someday we will be united again.  Joplin was the love of our lives and we will never forget him.

— Mary from Valley Village, CA