Echo is a rescued Border Collie who came to live with me in September of 2010.  He was not quite 8 months old and had already had two previous homes.  He was extremely malnourished, weighing only 27 pounds, and was crawling with fleas.  To make matters worse, he had obviously suffered abuse and was very fearful of everything.

When I got Echo he did not know how to play with toys or what should be done with rawhide.  As he gradually gained strength with good food and exercise it was rather easy to teach him to play.  If you know Border Collies, this is at times a regrettable decision on my part.  When BCs are not working they would just as well stay busy playing, whether or not that suits your schedule!

Today, Echo is a very healthy and active 45 pound package of energy and entertainment.  His three main peeves (so far) are bonfires, fireworks and pileated woodpeckers.  These will set him into a frenzy like nothing else.  Not out of fear; just some irrational quirk.  BC owners know about these things. The only thing he is somewhat fearful of is strangers, particularly men, but I think that is due to the previous abuse he suffered.

— Karyn from Cedar, MI