Today is Thursday, February 16, 2012. My little man Max passed away exactly 4 weeks ago tonight at about 7:45 pm. Sadly I had left about an hour earlier to go to a meeting. Initially I was upset that he passed all alone but the reality is that he wasn’t alone. I had the radio on so the last words that my Max heard before his heart gave out were that of Mark Levin. I say this as being a good thing.

Max was a short-haired smooth Dachshund who was born on June 19, 1998. He had a good life who went virtually everywhere with me. He loved the car…and more importantly, he loved being with his daddy.The last 18 months of Max\’s life were altered dramatically. Max had an accident and fell off of my deck and 11 feet down to the ground. He had surgery, physical therapy and then we tried acupuncture at a Holistic veterinarian which we went to every Saturday. After doing that for many, many months we came to the conclusion that he would never walk again. His hind legs were paralyzed. That was a sad reality. I did end up getting a cart through a great company that makes only these products. He was resistant when I first put him in the cart but then he realized that he could get around on his own. Sadly, he only got a couple of months use from the wheels. His cart was purchased by a person who had a dog in need so the cart will continue to help a needy dog in Bowling Green Kentucky. I just checked and UPS just delivered it about 2 hours ago.That puts a smile on my face.

I have great memories and miss him every minute. My life was enriched and has now been drastically changed. Max required a lot of my time in the end and I wish he was still requiring my time but it will never again be. I am just glad that he was listening to you, Mark Levin, as he was passing into doggy heaven. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to write this. I tried toi upload a picture but they are all too large apparently because they are not being accepted.

John from Long Island, NY