Bear and Dolly

When we rescued our Anatolian Shepherd, Bear, we already had Dolly a MinPin.  From day one Dolly made it very clear to Bear that she was the boss of the house.  They got along peacefully and Bear was always respectful of Dolly\’s superior status.  Bear had a huge chew bone that weighed almost as much as Dolly, but that did not stop Dolly from trying to claim it as her own.  Finally, Bear took the bone outside and hid it.  It is unusual for an Anatolian to be so submissive since they are a dominant breed but we always wondered if Bear was aware that little Dolly had a very bad heart condition.  Her heart finally gave out, but up till the last she was her little MinPin self ruling the roost.  She passed away suddenly in my arms and we burried her in the flower bed near our back door.  The next day I witnessed something that was truly amazing.  I saw Bear coming across the lawn carrying his big chew bone that had been hidden.  He walked right to Dollys grave, placed the bone on the grave , and began a vigil that lasted the rest of the day.  I know it was his tribute to his little friend.

— Deb from McPherson, KS